Mazda, MPS, sports rebirth

dodano: 12 sierpnia 2015 przez amazingparts

 The Mazda brand has advertised its motion characteristics, in sedan design always with a hint of movement, but its performance brand MPS achievements rare in recent years but also to the Mazda slightly embarrassed that this resurrection can be seen MPS Mazda future market Marketing Trend. Currently, high-performance MPS Mazda announced plans to revive the brand, which means that Mazda has begun to develop some of the performance of the more powerful models. Mazda Chief Engineer 2 Ayumu Doi told the British magazine AUTOCAR interview, MPS brand and "not dead", Mazda turbocharger uk has been in research MPS brand's future market prospects. In addition, MPS high performance brand is likely to launch a new Mazda 2 MPS models. Although Mazda has not released a new MPS model, but the next MPS model will use a more powerful engine and more dynamic aerodynamics. In addition to possible introduction of the Mazda 2 MPS models, we also Kudo Hidetoshi from Mazda's global public relations manager for the mouth of that earlier this week, the new MX-5 engine crankshaft is also likely to launch next MPS high performance version of the model.

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