The famous HANS system

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 HANS system is widely used in a variety of motorsport protection system, we used to call it "Hans" is derived from the transliteration, its full name should be called head and neck protection system. When the car suffered, especially in front of the impact from a variety of directions, the inertia of the body will be shaking like a soft whip lashes, will eventually accumulate kinetic energy to "whip" the tip - that is, the driver's head. This motion produces a powerful centrifugal force and inertia riders will head fast Shuaixiang front of the neck cervical and other organizations, including fatal injuries. To avoid such tragedies, HANS system uses two fixed band in the rear of the helmet, HANS body strap and the other end connected to the back of the helmet. Depending on the design concept, the main structure Cadillac SUV Rear Air Suspension for sale and some use of seat belts to tighten constraints, some similar "back back good," the structure is fixed in the drivers' upper body, in short, is bound to rely on the helmet forward range of motion, the kinetic energy of the carrier from the head neck transferred to the safety belt, to prevent damage to the whip, but also to protect the head from swinging forward injured. In terms of side shields, indirect contribution to make to this end it is now active in the WRC arena former F1 driver Kubica mitsubishi evo coilovers for sale (this bad luck the drivers makes it easier to put the word before his name wrong), he after the 2007 accident resulting in serious injury, the FIA ​​began to focus on the cockpit side impact protection. Design concept from the very beginning on the side of the car tends to support structure in use today, this structure was first proposed Malu Valencia team, Red Bull Racing and conducted by a subsequent improvement. Today F1 car side of the airfoil pillar follows the 2014 final rule to improve standards. In the car race, the car will always be attached to the roll cage to secure the head space of the driver at the time of rollover. For the open cockpit of Formula One racing, the roll structure is also a necessity. In F1, and one-piece cockpit roll cage structure is made of carbon fiber composite material, the main structure EVO 8 coilovers buy is a small bump heads and intake structure bellows integral roll cage and steering wheel position before. Both projections ensures that the rollover occurs, the driver's head contact with the ground will never happen.

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